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I help metalheads sing, scream and growl, without hurting their voice, so they can express themselves and love their vocals.

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Serenity Studio

I help metalheads sing, scream and growl, without hurting their voice.

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When I was a kid dying to learn to scream, there were no metal vocal coaches. 

 I didn’t think metalheads had enough vocal coaches so I became one myself. 

I'm a Complete Vocal Technique teacher - specialized in extreme vocals, based in Oslo, Norway, teaching mostly online. 

Learn to Scream and Growl.


With my best tools for free:

The Fastest Way to Pain-Free Screams

Pain-free screams = Healthy screams.

So you can express yourself freely, night after night, without being held back by vocal damage.  

My recipe for sustainable screams, this guide is like having me in the room with you when you practice. 

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Unleash your Scream with Step 1 to Growling:

My best training for beginners wanting to growl. 

I wanna scream!

Imagine having killer screams and cleans that feel awesome -

So that you can scream whenever you damn feel like it, night after night, without getting hoarse. 


When you find the right setting in your throat, and the right amount of air pressure, this becomes possible.  

There are concrete, specific techniques to do this, that you can learn too! 

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