How to actually Scream

Even if it hasn't worked for you before

Step 1 to Growling

Video training on how to do growling/ false cord screams:
- step by step, 
- from scratch, 
- in a healthy way.     

Do your first pain-free growl, so that you finally can get started unleashing your extreme vocals!   

I teach you how to scream: 

I'm Katarina, I'm an extreme vocal coach. 

My passion is helping you make your wildest vocal dreams come true, so that you can:

- express yourself with killer vocals you can be proud of,

- shout the lyrics right back at your favorite vocalist or get on stage yourself,

- do the lowest gutturals to the highest screams without damaging your voice.  

I'm one of the outsiders who wanted to not only sing "pretty" but also scream and growl. I didn't think metalheads had enough singing teachers, so I became one myself.    


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