Growl like a Beast

The Extreme Vocals Course

that helps you unleash your unique screams.



New course starts March  2024!  


Sign-up opens: March 5th

Sign-up Deadline: March 14th 22:00 CET

Course Starts: March 19th 


(You have to be at least 18 years old to sign up for the course.)

Screaming is not reserved for the lucky few blessed by Satan and naturally born with it.  

It's a craft and a skill that you can learn. 

How would it feel to scream your favorite song, completely unhindered, without having to worry about damaging yourself? 




You've got the instrument.

You just need to learn how to use it. 

Sick of pulling your hair out because:

  • You have no idea how to learn growling. 
  • You do warm ups and use the diaphragm, but it still hurts after 2 seconds every time. 
  • You’ve seen 100 youtube videos but you still don't know how to *actually* scream. 
  • You’ve had a secret fantasy of growling for ages, but it felt like it could never be possible for you. 
  • You can growl a bit, but feel like you can’t trust your vocals to work well enough to get a band. 
  • You wanna express your feelings with your screams, but it doesn’t work and you end up frustrated and disappointed.  
  • You wish you could learn to growl, but you’re scared of ruining your singing voice. 


It doesn't have to be like that

Picture this instead: 

Two months from now... 


You can growl your favorite song, and absolutely nail it. 

You have this awesome wall of distorted screams inside of you, that you can just unleash upon the world at will, and you can’t help but feel powerful.  

You're proud of your vocals and you even genuinely love your voice. 

Screaming feels great and it doesn’t hurt.

You know when your extreme vocals are healthy and when they're not, and how to fix it. You’ve learnt to read the feedback from your body.  

You trust yourself and you trust your vocals to work every time you feel like screaming. 

You know how to prevent vocal damage, so you’re not as worried about it anymore. 


Since growling also comes with magical side-effects:


You've gained a whole new level of confidence: 

You've gone from hiding in the shadows to standing at the front of the crowd, growling the lyrics right back in the face of your favorite vocalist. You start taking up more space in every area of your life. 

You start to feel like a badass. 

You dare to do what you really wanna do with your voice: Like posting videos of you screaming, writing your own songs, auditioning for a band, getting on stage and absolutely nailing it. 

You have the power and the freedom to truly express yourself with your unique screams. 


Do you want me in your corner?


My name is Katarina and when I was a teenager I would have killed to find somebody who could teach me how to scream. 

Finding singing teachers was easy, finding screaming teachers was impossible.   

I tried figuring it out by myself. It sounded so weak it made me embarrassed, it also hurt.   

Everybody who could do it just seemed to know something that I didn’t, it seemed so easy for them.  


When I discovered a vocal method that used words like “distortion”, “grunt” and “growl”, I was immediately like “TAKE MY MONEY!”  

I was completely blown away by how efficient it was. 

It was like going from fumbling through the dark, to someone turning the lights on so that I could see a clear path with everything I needed to do. 


Learning to scream went 100x faster. 



  • I learned from someone who’d done it before me,
  • who knew the steps,
  • could hear when I was on the right track or heading for a dead end,
  • and had the tools to get me back on track towards the screams I dreamed of.  

I ended up studying that vocal method (CVT) for 5 years, and became an authorized teacher in it.

Today I help metalheads learn extreme vocals, so they can express themselves and scream their guts out without hurting their voice. 

How Growl like a Beast Works:


 Growl like a Beast has 3 pillars:

The course portal with pre-recorded videos, the facebook group and the Group Scream Coaching Calls where you will get help from me in real-time. 


The Course Portal: 


The course-period runs over 8 weeks, and is split into 7 modules. 

(See the program below for more info.) 

Every week you get access to a new module, with a set of training videos specifically designed to give you the steps and the tools you need in the optimal order. 

I guide you through the step by step process in these videos. You know exactly what to do, and how to develop your vocals. 

There are several concrete tools to reach every step because we learn in different ways. 

This way of learning is great, because you can listen to me when and where you want, speed me up, slow me down and rewind to play the sound examples over again. 



The Facebook Group: 


You get help every step of the way in a private facebook group. 

Here you can ask me questions and post videos of your progress and challenges, so I can help you.

I either write back what to do to scream better, or I answer in a short video made just for you, if I feel like you need sound examples.  



Group Scream Coaching Calls on Zoom:


We have Group Coaching Calls every week, 8 in total. 


They start at 18:00 CET, and last until 19:00 or about 19:30. 


This is where you can get personal coaching from me in front of the group (they are there to cheer for you, and to support you) and you can learn from the others as well.  

These meetings will be recorded, so that you can watch them later in case you miss it. You can also send me your questions in an email before the call, if you can't be there in person. 

Learning to Growl in 8 weeks sounded Completely Crazy: 


I had never tried growling before, and I thought it was impossible for someone like me to learn. 

When Katarina said she could teach me in just 8 weeks, I thought it sounded completely crazy. 

But I signed up anyway, and it turned out to be my best decision this year! 

If you want to learn, I very much recommend Growl like a Beast!”

- Linn
Check out her cover of Amorphis'  "The Bee". That she made after Growl like a Beast summer 2021, it also shows her progress.  

Now he can scream full concerts without any pain.


Robert could already scream before doing Growl like a Beast, but wanted to make his vocals more sustainable and healthy. 


“I could only scream a few minutes, before hurting or getting hoarse. I watched people on YouTube, but I didn’t learn anything. 

Now I can scream at band practice and full concerts with my band Blodkarsk, without any pain.

If it hadn’t been for Growl like a Beast, I’d still be fumbling in the dark. The course helped me a lot.” 

- Robert

Original song by Robert's band Blodkarsk; "Over Svart Blautmyr"  


From struggling to scream a few words, to recording for 3 hours without getting hoarse. 


“Last fall I signed up for Growl like a Beast, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. 

It’s so incredibly awesome that I’ve gone from struggling to growl a few words to being in the studio for 3 hours without getting hoarse.

- Stine

She did Growl like a Beast in the fall of 2021, and made a cover-song shortly afterwards.  


From Stagefright to Posting Growling Videos Online 


"I had no experience with growling. I did folk music but I haven’t been much on stage because I’ve been way too nervous. 

One of the best parts was the group, who was so supportive and became such a safe community. 

After the course I’ve made 2 vocal covers and even dared to share them online! 

I would absolutely recommend signing up, but part of me also wants to say: don’t do it!! I don’t want competition and I’m sure you’ll be awesome at growling with Katarina's help.” 

- Astri
Click the video to listen to her cover of "We Will Rise" by Arch Enemy.  That she made after Growl like a Beast summer 2021. 

Absolutely killed it on stage, growling for a whole set with no problems afterwards.


"I'm very happy with my vocals that are inspired by Michael Åkerfelt from Opeth!

And that I've had the opportunity to go to studio and record a cover song, and growl on stage with a band, without any voice problems afterwards."

 - Kajsa

The first person I taught to growl, before I made the course : ) 


High and

Vicious Vocals

Watch the video for an example of Linn F.'s amazing high pitch vocals. She did Growl like a Beast during the summer 2021. 


A Strong Foundation 

week 1 

You learn:

- How to do a basic growl in a healthy way,

-  How the voice works and how to avoid vocal damage,

- To set goals + how to develop your unique vocals,

-  How to put your practice sessions on steroids, so that you learn faster.  

Grow your Grunt

Adding the Diaphragm

week 2

After this module: 

- You've added power to your growl,

- Can growl several vowels,

- You know more anatomy and how to troubleshoot your own vocals,

- You've started developing the vocal stamina you need to be able to growl in a healthy way for hours,

- You've picked the song you will work on for the rest of the course.

Shape and Control your Instrument

week 3

You can now:

- "Color" your growl darker or lighter, to create vocals you'll love.

-  Do the setting that preps you for the next techniques to add to your growl + both highs and lows,

- You're confident about your vocals,

- You can growl words from the song you picked in M2. 

Grit and Power

week 4+5

Your growl has less air and is denser.

You learn a new extreme vocal technique, which will make your growl lower and darker.

You can tell which pitch you're screaming in and can begin to expand your range.

You can growl phrases.

Into the Gutter: Lows

week 6

We mix the two techniques. 

Your scream is much denser, grittier, darker, more powerful and lasts way longer.

You've started working on your lows.

You can growl a whole section of your song (verse/chorus/bridge).


week 7

We take your scream high!

- Transitions from low to high,

- How to change and finetune your scream,

You've started loving your vocals and you're proud of your screams.

You can growl every section of the song separately. 

Final touches and Performing

week 8

You can growl a whole song now in a healthy way.

You can scream with feeling and express yourself with total freedom. 

You're confident enough to do what you really wanna do with your voice. 

You growl like a beast.

Growl like a Beast is perfect for you who: 

  • Know that results don't always come overnight, but with process, patience and practice magic happens. 
  • Are willing to put in the time it takes to build vocals that are both brutal *and* healthy. 
  • Love cheering for and encouraging others, and wanna contribute to a positive learning environment.  

 If you dream of doing more with your voice, and you're ready to do the work to make it happen, then this is for you. 

Extreme vocals made

faster, easier and more fun

It would take at least 40 single lessons to go through everything that’s covered in Growl like a Beast, and it would cost so much more to do everything 1-1 with me.  


Instead you get: 

  • Vocal freedom, the power to get it out and truly express yourself.  
  • The ability to just whip out a gut-wrenching scream whenever you feel like it. 
  • To scream with a totally healthy voice afterwards.
  • A confidence that seeps into every area of your life, so that you’ll dare to shine more and do what you dream of. 
  • Growl your favorite songs or your own songs with your own band.  
  • To be proud of your vocals and love your voice. 


For 666 euros, and you STILL have the opportunity to get personal feedback from me in the fb-group and in our weekly Group Scream Coaching Calls. 

You’re gonna learn a lot faster, and have way more fun doing this as part of a group. The group gives you synergy, inspiration and a supportive community that cheers for you every step of the way to vocal freedom.  

Best Price

666 €

1 payment

  • Growl like a Beast, Extreme Vocals Course, 1 year access  
  • 8 Group Scream Coaching calls with Katarina
  • Private facebook group with feedback and help


  • Kicking Stagefright's Ass 
  • Vocal Care Kit 
  • Next Level Screaming: Distortion Mini Course  
  • Extra Group Coaching Call: The Bonus Scream 

5 Month Payment Plan

149 €

5 monthly payments

  • Growl like a Beast, Extreme Vocals Course, 1 year access  
  • Group Scream Coaching calls with Katarina
  • Private facebook group with feedback and help


  • Kicking Stagefright's Ass 
  • Vocal Care Kit 
  • Next Level Screaming: Distortion Mini Course  
  • Extra Group Coaching Call: The Bonus Scream 

14 Days Money Back Guarantee 

Growl like a Beast is amazing, but if you find out that it's not for you, there's a money back guarantee. 

Program Spring 2024:


Course Start: March 19th 


You get access to the training videos in the course portal, and the facebook group on March 20th. 


Kick-off meeting on Zoom at 18:00 CET March 19th

We start the course together : ) 

This will be recorded, in case you can’t make it. 


Followed by: Ice Breaking Party, on zoom right after the Kick off meeting.  

A social hang out on zoom, for those of you who’d like to get to know each other better. This will not be recorded. (It's also just for fun and not mandatory.)

Group Scream Coaching Calls:  

Will be on Tuesdays at 18:00 CET. 


EXCEPT for the first Group Scream, which will be on Wednesday April the 10th. 

Note Summertime: On the 31st of March, Norway changes the clock to summertime. This means that we set the clock forwards one hour. 


So unless your country does the same, the GroupScreams after the 31st of March will be 1 hour later than before.


This is the plan for now. 

If I get sick, we may have to postpone one or more. 


  1. 10th of April (Wednesday)  
  2. 16th of April   
  3. 23rd of April
  4. 30th of April 
  5. 7th of May 
  6. 14th of May 
  7. 21st of May  
  8. 28th of May  



Easter Travel - Longer course period: 


We start the course together, and then I’m going to be traveling for the Easter vacation, so that’s why there’s a time period between the Kick off and the first GroupScream. 


From the 23rd of March until the 10th of April, I’ll be traveling and on vacation. 


In this period you will get access to Module 1 and 2 of the course, so you can get started with developing your screams, and then we start GroupScreams and feedback from me when I get back. 


That means you’ll have a longer period to digest and learn from the course, and then you get 8 GroupScreams and help from me when I get back. I think this is a great advantage unique to this course round. : )


The main part of Growl like a Beast is the video-trainings in the Course Portal, that show you step by step how to build your screams. 


But the Group Screams are one of the places (in addition to the facebook group) where you can get feedback and coaching from me.


All the Group Screams will be recorded and uploaded to the course portal so that you can write an email with your questions, and watch it later, in case you can’t be there in person. 

Bonus Scream on the 4th of June 

After the Bonus Scream we typically do a Hang Out/Celebration of your journey in Growl like a Beast for those who want to, on zoom. : )


Note that if I have to change the plan during the course, you'll be notified by email.

I will not update the info on this page after we start. 

In addition to the course you get:

3 Bonuses

Kicking Stagefright's Ass 

Go from nervous wreck to rockstar who loves being on stage.

Handle stagefright and have fun when you're singing and screaming in front of an audience instead of dreading it.  

Next Level Screaming: Distortion Mini Course 

Another scream to add to your ex vox tool box. The next step if you wanna get even better at extreme vocals. You can use distortion on it's own or mix it with your growl in your mids to highs, or you can add it to your clean vocals, if you wanna sing with some raspyness. Even more vocal power and vocal freedom. 

Including: Distortion Master Class 

After Growl like a Beast is over you get an extra Group Scream Coaching Call where I help you with your distortion. 


Vocal Care Kit:

Including Emergency Aid for your voice. 

Fix your voice when it's not working so that you don't have to cancel important gigs.

How to keep your voice in awesome health so that you can scream whenever you want, and what to do to help your voice when things have gone wrong or it needs extra care.

Do you need help to figure out if this is for you? 

Got questions? Ask me : ) Send an email to: [email protected] or send a fb-message to Katarina Metal Vocal Coach.