Vocal Lessons for Metalheads 

Online personalized singing and screaming coaching

Yes, you can learn to sing and growl too!

Metal vocals aren't reserved for the lucky few, blessed by satan and naturally born with it. 

There are concrete, specific techniques that you can learn too!  

Imagine singing, screaming and growling, without limitations. Having the freedom to truly express yourself, exactly the way you want. 

This is vocal freedom and it's what I want for you.

Do what you really want with your voice:  


Let's be honest; being stuck in a sound you don't like, straining, hurting and not getting the vocals you want feels really bad. 

So why stay there?

If you want to work with me, you will know exactly which steps to take to learn the vocals you want. 

You've still got to put in time and work, but it's so much faster, (and way more fun), than fumbling through the dark on your own! 

On top of that, you minimize the risk of damaging your voice. 

How would it feel to have the freedom to scream, sing or growl exactly the way you want to? Whether it's soft or rough cleans, or gutturals to high screams you long for.

Do what you really want with your voice. Like nail your favorite songs, be in a band or just develop killer vocals that you can be proud of. 

Do you want me to be your vocal coach?


My name is Katarina, I help metal heads learn the vocals they want from scratch. 

When I was a teenager I loved singing, but what I really longed for was to growl and scream as well.  

Finding singing teachers was easy, but finding someone who could teach me extreme vocals was much harder.  

I didn't think metalheads had enough vocal coaches, so I became one myself, (authorized CVT-teacher) after studying Complete Vocal Technique for 5 years.

 Is this for you?

You're welcome no matter what your level is, if you're a beginner or more advanced.   

You know what vocals you like, or are willing to figure it out. It's your job to decide which sound(s) you want to learn, it's my job to help you get there. 

You understand that results don't always come overnight, but with patience and practice magic happens.

If you dream of doing more with your voice, and you're ready to do the work to make it happen, then this is for you. 

What seemed like a far fetched dream came true 


"At the very first lesson Katarina made me feel at ease and I had so much fun- and to be honest every lesson is fun and the highlight of my week! 


She has made my dream of becoming a vocalist come true which seemed like such a far fetched dream.


I’ve had Katarina as a vocal coach for just over a year now and I can honestly say that she is a patient, empathetic, passionate and knowledgeable person.  


I would highly recommend Katarina as a vocal coach  to anyone wether it’s clean vocals you want to learn or growling. 


She is such a positive, driven and focused person who will go the extra mile for you."  

Linn, Norway 

The difference after only one lesson


"I have to say, I did not expect the lesson to help this much. 


There is a sharp drop in overall discomfort - I can reach higher notes with less/no strain on my clean voice, I can growl in a bunch of ways with less/no pain and even my falsetto now lets me put more power behind it.

The difference is amazing!

Applying all of the tricks makes it so much easier to reach any sound. I know I sound like a cheesy TV ad but it's the truth!"


Ysaac, Canada 

 Up your game


You can learn a lot from youtube, but it's not gonna give you killer vocals as fast as personalized feedback from a vocal coach who specializes in metal vocals. 


If singing or screaming is important to you, then stop putting your dreams on hold and invest in yourself and your vocals. 


I only have a limited number of available lessons, so book today so you don't miss out. 

200 € 

for a 45 min. lesson dedicated to 

  • pinpoint exactly what you need to nail your ideal vocals 
  • singing, screaming or growling
  • using concrete tools and methods 
  • greatly reduce the risk of vocal damage 
  • progress faster & safer 

I would love to help you nail your cleans and screams. 

Book your lesson!